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HongbeomApr 26, 2023
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Hongbeom Park

Hi 👋 I create powerful SaaS tools to supercharge productivity for busy founders and startups.

Frontend PM Bootstrapping


🔹 2015: Dropped out twice

▫️ Didn't want to waste my life on the CSAT, so I dropped out of high school.

▫️ Moved to Seattle, took GED, went to UCLA to study philosophy

▫️ Tried to create an angel fund for IT startups in Shenzhen, China. I bought a paper company but it nevered worked out.

▫️ Dropped out again from college to learn how to code and study blockchain

🔹 2017: Got featured by App Store

▫️ Studied iOS development and built iOS app which got featured by the App Store.

🔹 2017-2020: Lost over three million dollars from crypto trading

▫️ Traded crypto full-time, made over $3 million at the peak and lost it all in the end : )

🔹 2020-2022: Lived in Danang for two years

▫️  After losing almost everything from margin calls, I moved to Vietnam to cut living costs and started building softwares. I created cosmetics e-commerce app for the Vietnamese.

🔹 2022: Received the investment for xbase from Primer

▫️  Jared and I met in Danang at a coworking space. We hung out and talked about web 3 and the future of money every week. We researched crypto full-time in 2021 and that’s when we saw the opportunity for xbase.

🔹 2022-NOW: Learning how to distribute software

▫️ Got the first paying users for xbase.

▫️ Launched BlogPro with an amazing engineer—Ash.



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2017 Philosophy dropout, UCLA