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Daily Actions Driving Traffic to xbase

HongbeomNov 25, 2023·Last Updated On Apr 16, 2024Marketing·xbase
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I've gotten into the habit of doing some SEO stuff for xbase. Usually it's just 15-30 minutes every day. Here are some free SEO actions I took.

Submit your tool to Github Awesome Tools registries

Last week, I submitted xbase to these GitHub repos that curate useful tools.

Guess what? They've been the biggest traffic drivers for xbase.
Unlike those 'top 10 tools for X' blog posts that feel too corporate and always claims their tool is the best, GitHub registries are open for anyone to contribute. This openness makes them feel more genuine, organic, and community-driven, which is why people tend to prefer them – they don't come off as spammy.

Contribute to communities like Quora and Reddit.

According to this SEO expert, Community-driven SEO is going to blow up in 2024.
I used ChatGPT to figure out what questions our users might ask. I tried ‘Browse with Bing’ to find the relevant links to those questions using ChatGPT too, but didn't work. I had to manually find them.
When adding my own content, I mostly repurpose my Medium posts. Each subreddit has its own vibe and policies. So, study the community before posting. Respect their policies and speak their language. Quality over quantity, always
If your answers become popular, you will get a ton of free traffic and earn karma points. And even if they don't, they still bump up your Domain Ranking.

My Next Ideas

  1. I'm thinking, why not start my own GitHub Awesome list for Twitter tools?
  1. I may also start a Reddit community for Twitter Tool Users or open social media users like BlueSky or Mastodon.

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