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HongbeomOct 29, 2021Investment
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Facebook is probably the world's most hated company. And yet, I think it's a great stock to own for the next decade. Facebook is one of the few big tech companies still founder-led and betting everything on building the future. Zuck is laser-focused on building a new virtual world. To me, metaverse replacing the physical reality seems inevitable. And Zuck is the only tech leader I know of who is building a virtual reality with conviction. My conviction is an edge I have over others. The same kind of edge I had on Tesla back in 2016.

Another plus point for Meta is that Peter Thiel still sits on the board at Facebook even though many dislike the company. I like copy-trading Peter Thiel as his bets are often contrarian and hence underpriced. I think investing in Facebook today is like investing in Apple when Steve Jobs returned to Apple. No one could have predicted the mega success of Apple back then. But if you believed in Steve jobs, the mega-success would have been more predictable.

A quote from an interview with Zuck

One of the things that I’ve found in building the company so far is that you can’t reduce everything to a business case upfront. I think a lot of times the biggest opportunity is you kind of just need to care about them and think that something is going to be awesome and have some conviction and build it. One of the things that I’ve been surprised about a number of times in my career is when something that seemed really obvious to me and that I expected clearly someone else is going to go build this thing, that they just don’t. I think a lot of times things that seem like they’re obvious that they should be invested in by someone, it just doesn’t happen.<br>
I care about this existing, not just virtual and augmented reality existing, but it getting built out in a way that really advances the state of human connection and enables people to be able to interact in a different way. That’s sort of what I’ve dedicated my life’s work to. I’m not sure, I don’t know that if we weren’t investing so much in this, that would happen or that it would happen as quickly, or that it would happen in the same way. I think that we are going to kind shift the direction of that.