Hongbeom Park

Should Tweetbase Pivot?

HongbeomJul 12, 2023Thoughts
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I'm at a crossroads contemplating a pivot. Yesterday, our angel investor suggested a pivot to YouTube creator B2B SaaS. Bigger market, fewer competitors, better business potential. But I'm unsure. Here's why.

I love Twitter. If given a choice, I'd choose it over any other app. Even though the market size is small compared to YouTube, Twitter is transforming under Elon's leadership. I believe in its future growth, and the opportunity for Tweetbase. Additionally, Twitter-based tools can extend to platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, adding to the reach and potential of Tweetbase. The market might be smaller, but it's ripe for niche problem-solving.

There is lack of Product-Founder-Market-Fit. My life revolves around Twitter, not YouTube. I lack insights into the pain of YouTube creators, something critical for developing a B2B SaaS for that space. Plus, I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube. Its addictive nature makes me wary. Would I excel in a space that I have mixed feelings for? Could I bring as much passion to it as I do for Twitter? I'm confident that with Tweetbase, I can generate 100k in MRR within 2 years. A smaller, but more assured success. VCs may not favor it, but it feels right to me.

Here's my action plan:

  1. Condense 6-month Tweetbase roadmap into 2 months and see if it improves retention. With that, even if Tweetbase fails, I would feel like I've tried everything and won't regret my decisions.
  1. Work on a YouTube B2B SaaS MVP on weekends.